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A Common Agenda

The future of our food is in our collective hands. Transforming our regional food system cannot be done through individual efforts alone; we need to work together to continually forge a common agenda and mutually reinforcing visions of the future.

A New England Food Vision represents one such vision. It invites state and regional planners and practitioners to pursue a more regionally robust, and equitable food system by identifying specific strategies that will turn possibilities into realities. Given the dynamism of food system planning and engagement taking place at the local, state and regional levels, a shared vision offers an opportunity to leverage our collective impact in advancing New England food system that works for all New Englanders.  We invite you to read A New England Food Vision and contribute your ideas on our website. How is the current food system serving your community region or state? What are its successes and its challenges? How could it work to serve everyone? How can we most effectively work together to achieve shared goals? What are the important questions? How do we engage more people across our region in this food system work?

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