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This page features videos about food justice, race and equity, agriculture, fisheries, and related food system issues. 

“If you are drinking milk in the morning or in the night. Don’t forget that me and thousands and thousands of guys are milking the cows for you.”--Bernadino Hernandez in "Hide"

Documentary film "Hide" takes us inside the daily lives of several migrant dairy workers from Latin America who sustain Vermont's iconic dairy farms and working landscapes. Hide illuminates the feelings and experiences of the hidden lives of migrant farmworkers--feelings of isolation, fear, lack of recognition and sometimes hope. Using an unusual narrative form, the film combines original music, obscured images, and multi-voiced narration to provide an intimate glimpse at the daily lives of migrant workers and their fight for dignity.

Western New England’s agricultural legacy has persisted for more than three centuries, through waves of migration, technological innovation and economic uncertainty. In many ways it is the birthplace of American agriculture that exists to this day.  This WGBY production examines the history and present day status of agriculture in the region.  The documentary, was produced by Emmy Award-nominated WGBY producer Dave Fraser.

Voices from the Field: Perspectives on Food System Access explores food insecurity through those directly experiencing it in New Hampshire. This documentary film captures the hardship and resilience of those who have been unable to consistently access fair, affordable and nutritious food.