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There are so many resources for learning more about food justice and our regional New England food system. This page will be updated regularly to showcase tangible ways you can increase your understanding of and impact on our food system.

Racial Equity Challenge

As part of our commitment to racial equity and food justice, Food Solutions New England is hosting the 2016 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge along with the Interaction Institute for Social Change. You, along with hundreds of other people across the US, can commit to furthering your connection to understanding and addressing racism for 21 consecutive days: April 10 - April 30, 2016. Sign up to receive a prompt for each day by email); spend a little time each day learning, reading, discussing, or taking action. Respond to the daily prompt or check out our resource list for more.

Food First’s Dismantling Racism in the Food System series

This Backgrounder is the first in a multi-authored series seeking to uncover the structural foundations of racism in the food system and highlight the ways people, communities, organizations and social movements are dismantling the attitudes, institutions and structures that hold racism in place. Food First is convinced that to end hunger and malnutrition we must end injustices in the food system. Dismantling the injustices of racism in the food system, in the food movement, in our organizations and among ourselves is fundamental to transforming the food system and our society.

Food First invites contributions on this topic from authors engaged in research and community action to dismantle racism in the food system. Different aspects of the topic can include land, labor, finance, food access, nutrition, food justice and food sovereignty organizations.

2016 New England Food Summit

The sixth annual New England Food Summit will be held June 8-9, 2016 at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This year's summit will include a focus on urban and metropolitan food system issues and the central place of food justice and racial equity in food system sustainability. The Call for Nominations for delegates to this year's Summit comes out February 15. Deadline: March 14. Follow the event #fsne16.

Update of the Real Food Standards

Real Food Challenge logo and food wheelThe Real Food Challenge is a national campaign leveraging the purchasing power of colleges and universities to transform the food system. Their primary campaign is to shift $1 billion of existing university food budgets away from industrial farms and junk food and towards local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound and humane food sources—what is called “real food”—by 2020.

The national student-led Real Food Standards Council is undertaking the project of updating the Real Food Criteria—the standards by which ‘real food’ is defined for hundreds of universities.

You are invited to participate in the revision process. The public comment forum is open until April 1, 2016

International Food Workers Week

International Food Workers Week is held annually the week around Thanksgiving to engage the public about the importance of food workers and to move people to take action in support of the workers. Events and actions around the U.S. are organized by the Food Chain Workers Alliance (FCWA), member groups, and allies.

In 2015, FCWA is working with Anna Lappé’s Real Food Media on a joint Voices of the Food Chain project - check out the StoryCorps conversations and a new video featuring workers across the food chain. You can participate in on-line or in-person actions. Click here to see list of actions and events or organize your own


Featured image courtesy of Red Fire Farm.