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What We Do

Food Solutions New England (FSNE) is a regional, collaborative network that facilitates connectivity and action in support of the emerging values-aligned regional food system. To do this, we:


FSNE brings together diverse individuals, organizations, and other networks working across the food system to develop a common agenda around shared vision and values. We convene diverse people in New England to build and strengthen network relationships, and the trust and communication that sustains collaborative action.


FSNE cultivates and connects ideas, resources, and leadership that support creative collaborations. FSNE builds shared identity and commitment across diverse partners by inviting alignment around common goals and values and building capacity to lead.


FSNE lifts up and helps connect the work of the many networks, organizations, and individuals dedicated to food system change in New England through its communications, convening, and collaboration. We champion the need for a values-based and aligned collaborative network to realize our long-term goals.